Indigo Boom


Every day there seem to be more companies vying to be the one to distribute your music to the major music retailers and streaming services. Norway’s Indigo Boom offers a unique business model — unlimited distribution for around $4 per month, with 100% of the royalties going to you. The catch is that you have to pay for one, two, or five years. Confusingly, there are three tiers of pricing: Basic ($4.90/mo), Gold ($4.10/mo.) and Platinum ($3.98)… yes, as the package gets better, the pricing drops.

They also offer some cool statistics and analytics to musicians, so you can study your audience demographics in greater detail than many other distribution aggregators. They promise 24 hour shipping, though of course there is no guarantee as to how quickly the services they distribute to will list your music.

They pay quarterly, which is less frequently than larger competitors who pay monthly or every time a payment threshold is reached. They pay by PayPal.

Customer service seems to be another differentiator for Indigo Boom — many of their musician testimonials tout being able to speak with a human when they need to, and the company’s marketing material highlights this fact.

Also on the plus side, their distribution reach seems substantial, as opposed to competitors that distribute to a small albeit popular selection of retail and streaming outlets.

Visit Indigo Boom

Visit Indigo Boom