Dave Kusek’s New Artist Model


Dave Kusek published The Future of Music in 2005, and most of his insights came true. In 2014, he’s done it again, only this time it’s with an online, video-based course designed to give musicians a world-class music career education while sitting in front of their computers.

We won’t hesitate to say the video we previewed of the course is among the best out there in terms of clear, practical, actionable advice for musicians trying to develop value around their music and their fan base. We expect it won’t be long before we hear great success stories from this program.

There are currently no educational resources out there that so successfully combine the fundamentals of how the music business works, the personal, psychological and motivational tools for success, and new models around crowdfunding and social marketing. Kusek has come the closest to perfecting this mix in his in-depth videos.

It’s all tied together with a simple, user-friendly website and a community (1 year membership included with any course purchase) that will help you network with other like-minded musician-entrepreneurs, and stay motivated to achieve your musical goals. There’s also a cool “career map” feature that helps you track your progress, and tools to help you budget your musician business.

Pricing for the course varies greatly depending on how deep you want to go. Each of five video modules goes for $99-$149… definitely the high end of course pricing. The most attractive price point is the $297 8-week course, which includes all the video modules as well as the online tools. Finally, for $997, Kusek himself will take you through the Master Class, featuring 1-on-1 coaching alongside the other students taking the 8-week course.

This is the top level of musician education online today, and the price, though high, is justified. In fact, when compared to a college education or even some of the one-day, in-person workshops run by other music coaches, New Artist Model can be a bargain.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to use this knowledge to get a return on your investment. Dave Kusek’s New Artist Model gives you all the information and guidance you need to have the best fighting chance to succeed in the music business.

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