What is Songhack?


Songhack helps artists “hack the music industry”. It’s a consumer guide to over 100 digital products and services targeted at musicians. Songhack features news, resources and coaching content to help musicians make money.

Watch founder Zac Shaw describe the mission behind Songhack:

Songhack serves musicians in two ways:

  1. we review digital products and services for musicians
  2. we educate musicians about how to make money from their songs and fans with our magazine


Music is not about the money. It’s about playing lots of music for lots of people for lots of your life. And that takes money.

The digital products and services we review must fit two simple criteria:

  1. it is marketed to musicians
  2. it helps musicians make music and/or money

There are hundreds of services that fit this description. Some empower artists, others exploit their music business naïveté. It’s time we had a consumer guide for such services. And we endeavor in time to cover them all.

In Songhack’s “Tools” section, you’ll find reviews of over 100 digital products and services built for musicians. We’ve rated them on your standard five-star scale. Ratings are only made after research and/or use of a given product or service is undertaken. For that reason not all Tools listed have ratings.

These tools are grouped into the categories located in the submenu.


Songhack, in magazine form, is a constantly evolving stream of content that has one goal: to make musicians money in order to sustain their dream of playing lots of music for lots of people for lots of their lives.

Here are some of the types of posts you can expect to see:

  • Advice – Career, composition, performance and recording tips for musicians of all levels.
  • Editorial – We have strong opinions, and sometimes we share them.
  • Features – Features are in-depth, often spanning multiple posts
  • Hacks – Hacks are shortcuts to success in the musician business
  • Inspiration – Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get your musician business moving forward
  • Interviews – Discussions with leaders in the music business, and musicians who are earning money.
  • News – Breaking news on the tools we review, as well all current events relevant to musicians.
  • Previews – We look ahead to an upcoming event or release.
  • Reviews – Critical analysis of books, films and other media targeted to musicians
  • Video – Watch and learn.