“How Do I Submit Music to Pandora?” Finally Answered



Until recently, the oft-Googled query “how to submit music to Pandora” ran musicians straight into a wall. Not only would musicians find they had to submit a physical CD, but there were certain pre-requisites for consideration in the first place. Pandora put these measures in place as much for quality control as the fact they didn’t have the infrastructure to handle processing and listening to millions of tracks.

Therefore, it’s pretty exciting that Pandora has opened up their submission process to all musicians, and we can now submit our music digitally. Do it right now by visiting submit.pandora.com.

What changed? Well, Pandora must have figured out how to process and/or listen to vast amounts of music. Keep in mind, there’s no guarantee your music will make it into Pandora. It’s got to be well-recorded, the performance has to be good, and the compositions need to be fully developed. Even then, no one quite knows the black magic that goes on behind the scenes to choose who gets into the Pandora catalog and who doesn’t. Maybe next Pandora could be a bit more transparent about how artists are accepted and rejected.

In any case’ it’s a step in the right direction, and as Pandora points out, indie and unsigned artists are the future of the music industry. You’ve got nothing to lose except your place in a listening queue of thousands of songs, so we suggest you submit your music right now.