Audiosocket is a fantastic licensing resource for the emerging artist. Simply submit four tracks to their catalog curators, and if you fit the bill, you’ll be entered into their vast licensing catalog. People who need music come to them to license it, and your track may end up being used to the tune of a few hundred, or a few thousand dollars.

Audiosocket will take 50% of the licensing revenue, in addition to taking the 50% publisher’s share of your songwriting royalties. This is standard and a good deal more than competitors like Pump Audio and Rumblefish. Like those services, the majority of licenses are non-exclusive. In the even an exclusive license comes your way, they will work with you to negotiate a good deal.

This is a low-risk business move that may have long odds on return, but among its ilk, the 50/50 split is about as favorable as you’re going to get. Submitting music to the Audiosocket catalog is among the better options in the sea of music licensing opportunities online. Remember: if you have to pay per opportunity submission, or pay a monthly or annual fee, you’re probably getting ripped off. A successful licensing agency like Audiosocket makes enough money taking 50% of a sync license.

Keep in mind, they only accept about 10% of the artists submitting. Make sure your music is exceptional in composition, performance and recording quality.

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