Flattr is the premiere tipping platform for creators, and facilitates gratuities for a 10% cut. Supporters use the system budget an amount that’s divvied up each month to the folks they “Flattr”. This ensures that a regular stream of tips are distributed to creative entrepreneurs everywhere, every month. Flattr wants to become the “Tweet” button of tipping, and you can find their little green icon all over the place, including on YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram and Grooveshark.

Unfortunately, we experienced a significant number of glitches and errors when trying to use Flattr for this review. The dashboard was a blank white screen. When we managed to get a view of the backend by throwing a 404, we experienced more problems setting up our YouTube account. Flattr responded immediately on Twitter, which was encouraging.

When we are able to try more of the Flattr out, we’ll give you our verdict. So far it seems the site is experiencing some significant technical difficulties, which is not altogether uncommon for platforms that have to interface with frequently changing APIs of social networks.

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