Pump Audio


Pump Audio is Getty Image’s immense music licensing catalog, and it’s wide open to independent musicians. All you have to do is submit two tracks to prove that your songwriting, performance and recording meet certain basic standards of quality. Upon approval, you’ll be able to submit your entire catalog and Pump Audio will use its team of music experts and sophisticated custom software to classify every last detail of each song. This makes it easy to find something incredibly specific, such as “upbeat bluegrass songs with optimistic lyrics”. That’s the core value for licensees using the Pump Audio platform, and the kind of technology that can get your niche independent track heard by the right person.

The terms — 35% of licensing fees — aren’t the most favorable, but then again, it is free to submit music to the catalog. Unlike other shady services that make you pay a fee to remain in the catalog while never delivering any real opportunities, Pump Audio has the talent and resources to build their licensing library as large as they can make it.

The licensing terms are non-exclusive, with a one-year minimum contract term. They take all genres of music. It’s easy to submit music to Pump Audio, and the company uses teams of real human beings who listen to each song placed in the catalog.

The sync licensing offered by Pump Audio is often made available at very reasonable fees to licensees, so don’t expect huge royalty checks to be the norm. Still, it can be a decent payout, especially for an emerging artist, and there’s very little risk.

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