“Loudr empowers artists with tools that challenge the music industry. As a result, we’ve reinvented the way fans and artists interact.”

Many companies profiled on this site make similar claim they are changing the face of the music industry. Most fall short. Loudr is not in that category. They’ve hit a home run.

Loudr’s truly revolutionary jump forward is to give artists the tools to distribute and sell cover songs without having to pre-pay mechanical licenses in bulk. Normally, in order to distribute a cover song (even for free), artists are stuck paying for a bundle of thousands of mechanical licenses. Though the statutory rate is cents on the dollar, it quickly adds up in bulk. Loudr not only figured out a way to kill that up-front fee in favor of a per-track fee, they built a whole marketplace to facilitate pay-what-you-want sales. As a result, cover songs are flourishing on the service, and artists are getting paid. Even better, their back-end tools help artists split revenue and analyze sales trends go above and beyond. Their legal terms of service are even parsed into user-friendly people-speak. It’s one of the most exciting digital services to come a long in a while.

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