Musicians: Don’t Worry About Quality, Focus on Quantity


This article from The Next Web titled “Quantity is Priority” is a great read on the subject of achieving better quality through quantity.

As it relates to musicians, this concept underlies excellence in composition, performance and recording. Put simply, the best way to become a better songwriter is to write songs. The best way to become a better performer is to play more gigs. The best way to become a better recording artist is to spend more time in the studio.

We musicians must not only practice our instruments, we must practice our craft. There’s a reason why most bands write 15 songs for a 10-song LP… and it’s not just to have B-sides. By writing more songs than are required for the album, the band ensures a higher level of quality than if they had just used the first ten songs they came up with.

The quantity method is even more true when it comes to performing. The act of playing live in front of people cannot really be duplicated at rehearsal. Even performing in front of one person is markedly different than playing alone. By playing out a lot, you’ll get used to the feeling of live performance, and get comfortable to the point where you can begin to have more control over the moment. Performing will feel like less of a ride you’re on and more like a vehicle you’re steering — though that magical, dreamy quality never fully subsides, even after constant touring. It’s what brings us back on stage.

Finally, in respect to recording, home studio technology means musicians now are creating demos of respectable quality long before committing their songs to a final release recording. Not only does this result in better performances in the studio when it counts, but musicians have more of a sense of how to capture the “sound” they seek to create on the album.

We here at Songhack encourage you to go write a song, book a gig, or start recording something right now!