Many have tried and failed to make crowdfunded concerts a reality. It’s a tough nut to crack. Rabbl seems to have the best shot yet at getting the concept off the ground. The New York Times likes it, and so do we. Their site has a polished user interface, with all the right functionality. They have secured big name acts and high-visibility venues in major music markets to anchor the site’s legitimacy with musicians at large. It’s the most fully-fledged concert crowdfunding platform built to date. Just like a crowdfunding campaign for an album, getting ticket sale pre-commits to launch a show is not an automatic affair. But if your band and your team can get fan buy-in, Rabbl stands to make shows happen for you that might not normally go off. And get this: it’s free to use. If your show is successful, Rabbl tacks on a modest $2 service fee to each ticket. That’s a square deal we can really get behind.

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