As the industry standard for musician social media management, Bandpage boasts over half a million users. It’s appreciated by acts large and small for its ease of use and simple but powerful toolset. And it’s a tool that should probably be in your music career box.

Though it began as a solution to Facebook’s glaring lack of musician-specific features, Bandpage has since expanded into every major social network. Having a centralized place to manage all your social media is a huge boon for musicians and their managers. There’s also a feature to build your own basic website, and it all ties into the same central dashboard.

Bandpage’s sales options are also impressive. In addition to being able to sell traditional merchandise, you can sell “experiences” — the kind of fan-exclusive offers like lessons or hangouts that are quickly growing as a musician revenue stream.

Our main criticism is that the user experience and interface is a little rough — for our review, the “Login with Google” function did not work. Also, you’ll notice little things like big swaths of empty space or missing information. These minor issues distract but do not detract from the core functionality and value proposition, which is solid.

It’s free to get started and only $1.99/mo. (or $19.99 annually) for the advanced features that let you customize your “Bandpages” with your own branding and design. We are waiting to hear back from the company on if they charge a percentage commission for sales of merch and experiences — we don’t see any information on that listed on their site.

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