SoundCloud continues to offer a great value for any level of musician. Part streaming music site, part social network, the platform gives you great tools to share your tunes. Just upload your tracks and set your options for sharing them, it’s that simple. SoundCloud does have paid “Pro” options that remove caps on the amount of audio you can upload, but the basic offering is free.

The embeddable SoundCloud player is awesome too — listeners can share comments on the song. The service has become the de facto place where musicians place their music to be heard, and increasingly, other services are using it to source music content. That makes it a pretty important place to be for any artist.

One caveat: by signing the SoundCloud terms of service, the company gains the non-exclusive right to exploit your music in many different ways without paying you. To date they have not done anything onerous with this right, but the potential exists, so be aware of this controversial aspect of Soundcloud.

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