With Gigit, anyone who can afford a participating band’s guarantee has the opportunity to book them.

The platform has allowed fans with funds to book groups as big as Bone Thugs N Harmony for backyard parties and rooftop hangouts. Gigit can also be used by booking agents, promoters and venues… but its real power is to connect bands with opportunities to play for decent money that would otherwise not exist. And that’s pretty cool.

Bands set up slick profiles that tout their best qualities, providing sound and video to live music buyers. Then they spread the word — for example, a band looking to book a show in Toledo might put the word out on social media, and then have several offers of guarantees to choose from.

After booking bands, talent buyers can rate and review the band for the benefit of other bookers, generating a sort of reputation score that can be a valuable asset (or your worst enemy.) It’s super quick and easy to set up, sucking in the info and audio from your Facebook and Soundcloud accounts.

We love the design of the profiles and the site in general. Their community of live music buyers and bands is just beginning to grow, and currently is focused on major markets like New York and California. It’s free to use, and Gigit helps you “make it rain” by taking 0% of your booking fee. That’s right, at the moment Gigit is a completely free service — it’s still early in the site’s lifecyle, which means there isn’t much of a community to leverage value from yet. Gigit is looking to bands and fans to build the value. They’ve certainly built an impressive platform to do just that.

We love the concept. In reviewing the site, only time will tell if the site attracts enough people who need to buy live music. Right now, it’s a no-brainer for artists as a free service that can increase their exposure to moneymaking opportunities with no risk.

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