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CreativeLive is one of the most exciting educational resources for musician-entrepreneurs on the web today.

Simply put, CreativeLive hosts leading experts in all creative fields for one- to several-day intensive workshops on their subject of expertise. The workshops are produced in high-quality HD video and audio, in well-lit, professional broadcast studios with show hosts and a live audience. The production quality is top-notch.

What’s even cooler is that it’s free to watch the workshops live as they are being broadcast (usually there are a few more free rebroadcasts afterward). If you want long-term access to the workshop video, CreativeLive charges a fee of anywhere from a few bucks to a few hundred bucks. With the quality of talent, the profitable potential of the subject matter, the high polish of the curriculum and the way it’s presented, CreativeLive succeeds in delivering value on the order of three figures.

The great thing is, they get niche with it, perhaps doing a workshop on metal songwriting or mastering for EDM. This is a huge improvement over the previous generation of musical education, which was very set in a broad-stroke approach that was often dreadfully boring.

CreativeLive workshops are consistently awesome, and whether you’re looking for help with composing, performing, recording or the business side (watch Mat Halpern’s series first!)… we can’t think of a better modern-day resource than CreativeLive.

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