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Berklee College of Music has long been a destination for aspiring professional musicians. Some of their alumni have done incredible things in the music industry. Of course, for every success story there are many more musicians paying off their college debt with revenue not generated from music, and these institutions have to compete with a wealth of high-quality, free education.

If you feel that an institutional education structure is what you need to excel professionally as a musician, Berklee’s online and offline offerings (and price) are toward the top of the industry. As long as you go in with an entrepreneurial attitude, you’ll be fine. For students who lack the commitment, skills and dedication, Berklee Online can be a costly mistake — and with the success rate in music careers low to begin with, one must question the value of such a big investment. Nonetheless, we don’t think anyone would argue that from a musicianship standpoint, Berklee is kind of the Culinary Institute of music, and their career programs are catching up fast.

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