The music production landscape has transformed completely over the last decade. Studio producers and engineers have smaller budgets and shorter session lengths to work with. It used to be that you could live off of a few records a year, now many studio professionals need twice as many clients, if not more, to sustain their business.

AirGigs is a solution to that problem. It connects musicians, producers and engineers in an online service marketplace. Musicians can sign up for free and list their service (for example, drum tracks or vocal arrangements) in a super-simple profile with a nice Soundcloud integration. Studio professionals can do the same.

AirGigs keeps track of the projects in your queue, as well as the satisfaction rating of the people who hire you. This reputation tracking adds a much-appreciated layer of trust to incentivize a transaction with a stranger online. The site is still in beta — there are hundreds of listings, though we’re not seeing a whole lot of marketplace activity yet. Filtering tools allow the user to easily browse the cream of the crop, a smart feature to include.

Overall, the AirGigs site is a great foundation for building an active community around a roster of in-demand talent. Only time will tell how valuable that will be. We certainly hope to see it grow and give more musicians and producers an opportunity to adapt to the changing studio landscape. And at the moment, it’s a no-risk, no-brainer for musicians and audio professionals specializing in these kinds of gigs — it’s always good to be listed in any marketplace you can.

While the site is free to join, AirGigs will take a 7% commission on the price of every gig sold. This information could be more prominent in their site. Nonetheless, it’s a very reasonable fee. When that’s added to the PayPal transaction fee, you’re giving up a 10% cut to the platform for facilitating the gig.

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